Opening his eyes He looks around the dark abandoned house. "Where am I?" he says. A voice out of the darkness says "You're safe." He sits up and begins scratching his head. He squints his eyes in order to see the dark figure sitting before him. It is a frail, old looking vampire. His face is twisted and  distorted. "You..." he says. "You are the one that attacked me in the woods!" He feels his face. "I'm hideous! I look like you!!" he exclaims. The old vampire nods "You saw me feeding... maybe it's my fault for feeding so close to your village. I couldn't let you bear witness to what I was doing." says the old vampire.  "I am from the clan known as 'Nosferatu' and I  didn't want to hurt you but I couldn't let you go on to tell anyone what was happening." He shakes his head in discontent "What am I to do now? I can't just go back home!" he says. "I wouldn't suggest that you do! But I do suggest that you come with me and let me teach you in the ways of the Nosferatu clan. My name is Delios. If you follow me there is a group of our kin that are in a nearby cave just north of here. I would also suggest making some friends there, because the ones you once had would never accept you for what you are now. You have to realize that what you look like and what you now are, is a bloodline curse." He is overcome by the thoughts of his  family, friends, and the fact that he will live an eternity never knowing what has become of them. "I shouldn't have disobeyed my parents by going out exploring in the woods. I wish I had stayed in my room, mortal, and ignorant of the world around me" he says. "That is the one gift I have given you, I have taken away your ignorance, you will gain a wealth of knowledge with time on your side. Who knows, maybe one day you can really explain to people what happens in history from now on. That is, if humans ever accept us." He pulls himself to his feet and follows the old man. They begin to walk north toward his new destiny and begin a new chapter in his life that will extend until the end of time.


This is the way that he entered the world of the cainites. Stripped of all his family , his friends, and his life. All he has left are memories.


It has been 258 years since that night. Since then he has grown strong and knowledgable. He has been raised into the vampire world by Delios and the Nosferatu clan. They taught him how to conceal his face and identity. They also showed him how to communicate with animals and take control over his supernatural strength.


He is over 6 feet tall, he has no hair other than a long beard that extends from his chin down to the middle of his chest. On his back he has a rather large tattoo of the Nosferatu clan symbol which depicts a mask that is crying.


He is hideously ugly, in fact he is quite repulsive.