Dark Lair

Welcome Traveller To Our Online Text Game

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dark Lair. Find within our online text game monsters, maidens and mayhem. Come join us as players from around the world come togeather on our game to enjoy what we have created. The world is limited only to your imagination.

For The Record:

This site uses the default pages for the most part. Ignore them, as they are useless. Maybe someday I'll get lazy enough to stop coding and actually put together the site. Maybe. Until then, here are some sample backgrounds, with the names removed by player request. Want your background posted as well? Let me know and I'll put it up. For the record, these backgrounds do have a range of levels, as these are constructed by the players. Do not take these as gospel, they are merely the people who would give an example for others to learn from.

Vampire Backgrounds:
Assamite Nosferatu

Werewolf Backgrounds:
Red Talons

Game Notes:

This is a multi-player online text game. You connect to our game by using either a basic telnet client, or a mud related telnet client. The term MUD stands for Multi User Dungeon, and describes the type of gaming which occurs within our game. We have players from around the globe connect to our game and interact through chat, gaming and cyber interaction. This is a real-time MUD, and anything you input is instantly seen by other gamers within the mud. Interact with our players and earn experience, gold, and friends ( and sometimes enemies ).


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